Research & Development Partners


Some of the RTM technology is based on concepts exclusively licensed from Thomas Jefferson University (TJU). RTM has licensed worldwide rights in perpetuity from TJU.  RTM also has a Shared Research Agreement in place with TJU to conduct human clinical trials for the RTM respiratory monitoring system (RTMsense) and robust animal studies for the Cardiac Monitoring System (CMS). TJU along with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and its group of other teaching hospitals in the Philadelphia region is one of the premier healthcare systems in the United States.

Briganti Product Development

Briganti Product Development Group: The Briganti Group is providing support to RTM on the documentation and testing required for FDA clearances as well as the engineering, design and manufacturing of planned commercial products.

RTM is working with Chariot Solutions to develop the data displays and smart device apps based on the RTM proprietary algorithms.  Founded in 2002, Philadelphia-based Chariot Solutions specializes in software development, systems integration and mobile application development.


RTM has worked with Cirtec Medical, Inc. to develop a commercially scalable functional Cardiac Monitoring Device. Cirtec is the leader in advanced outsourcing solutions for Class III active implants and minimally invasive medical devices. The company is headquartered in Brooklyn, MN with manufacturing and R&D facilities in Enfield, CT and Los Gatos, CA. Cirtec has worked with many marquee companies in the medical device industry.

MedEdge logo

MedEdge is a consulting firm offering customized quality, clinical, and regulatory services to medical device and diagnostic companies. We provide guidance and resources to obtain high quality objectives in an efficient manner to reduce time to market while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance.

RTM has worked with Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) on the design on the electronic circuitry for RTMsense. NASC provides engineering and technical services to the Department of Defense and industry since 1977.


RTM has worked with NextFab to design and fabricate ongoing prototype version of the company’s devices. Located in Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE, NextFab provides digital technology with traditional tools to fabricate custom items.


RTM has received a FabNet grant through the Ben Franklin Partners of Southeastern PA (BFTP). BFTP has also made introductions and referrals through its extensive network for RTM. BFTP of Southeastern PA is located in Philadelphia. Through its capital, counsel, and connections, BFTP works to accelerate the formation and growth of technology-driven enterprises and spur the development, commercialization, and adoption of advanced technologies.