Data Displays/Diagnostic Algorithm

Data Displays / Diagnostic Algorithm

The wearable and implantable sensors continuously monitor an ambulatory patient’s vital signs with data transmitted to the patient’s cell phone, table, watch, or PC for real-time analysis and visual display. Machine learning (AI) algorithms analyze the vital sign trend data in real-time to diagnose a significant change in a person’s health. Important vital sign data are recorded and stored in memory for easy download by a physician, nurse, or emergency personnel. Data can also be transmitted via cell phone to RTM’s central monitoring station for advanced analysis by a computer and clinician. Summary reports are automatically communicated to the patient and the patient’s physicians/hospitals. Research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, governments, and population health experts will mine the “Big Data” to improve human health.

rtm vital signs - acoustic ventilation device - 3

rtm vital signs - acoustic ventilation device - 4

Data from Implantable Sensors and Wearable Sensors are Displayed and Analyzed by a Cell Phone, Tablet, Smart Watch, or PC. Key Trend Data can be Transmitted to RTM’s Central Monitoring Station.