Advanced Vital Sign Monitoring System

Real-Time Implantable Blood Pressure Sensor

Blood Pressure Sensor

RTM has developed a real-time implantable blood pressure (BP) sensor and vital sign monitoring system. The system will continuously monitor the arterial BP waveform and other vital sign data of both ambulatory patients with cardiovascular disease and ambulatory patients at risk for a serious adverse event.

Real-Time Implantable Blood Pressure Sensor

A device that monitors an ambulatory patient’s arterial BP waveform and other vital sign data in real-time could transform the way physicians practice clinical medicine in the outpatient setting.

We hypothesize that real-time monitoring of vital sign data could lead to a reduction in the incidence and severity of acute and chronic cardiovascular adverse events, and that outpatient therapy will be applied more quickly, more effectively, and more efficiently using real-time trend data, diagnostic algorithms, and timely adjustments in medical therapy.

Vital Sign Monitoring System

Physicians, nurses, and emergency personnel will use an external monitor to download recently recorded data and vital sign trend data to determine the etiology of new patient symptoms and the effectiveness of medical therapy. Real-time algorithms will be used to diagnose significant changes in patient physiology.

Important vital sign data will be transmitted to a central monitoring station via wireless network for clinical interpretation. Patients will receive alerts and alarms to seek medical care when changes in physiology signal increased risk for an acute adverse event.